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We can perform in-depth site audits for you at The team will test your site and page speeds to get an overall result of the performance of your website. We will check that your content is SEO optimised and that it has the recommended word count and keyword %. Our tools will check that your images and videos are optimised with the correct alt tags. Through the site audit, we will also be able to tell you how much traffic you get you your site and what pages get the most visits from search engines.

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Site audits should be carried out regularly as they are a crucial part of your sites health check. Backlinks play a critical role in your website’s ranking, but they can also be used against you. Regular backlink audits can help you keep your link profile clean and healthy. Any toxic links that the health check picks up can be then removed, or disavowed. Finally, a site check can help recommend plugins for your website, then can help with the overall speed, SEO and security.

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    We work out of Widnes, Cheshire but we can also do work for the local surrounding areas including Runcorn, Warrington and St Helens plus the wide-ranging areas of the North West of England.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a site audit?

    A site audit is an in-depth look at your website. It can help identify any problems your site may be having and suggest recommendations.

    How do you do a site audit?

    We carry out site audits using specialised tools. These can identify problems, in any, with content, images, videos and backlinks.

    How much does a site audit cost?

    Cost depends on how in-depth you want the audit to be. Is it just for on-page, off-page, SEO and backlinks, security or all of the above?

    The Project82 team can help you design a theme for your new website or blog. So whether your business or hobby is architecture to zoologist, we can help. The team can then help with a plan of action to drive visitors and customers to your site. We do this with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

    Already own a site and want to see how well it performs? The Project82 team can run a health check and run an in-depth site audit.